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Your Sacred Pelvis

❤️ September Theme: Grounding ❤️

Let’s land together in our sacred bodies after a summer of adventure. In our opening guided facilitation, we will sink into the integrity of our own bodies and explore short scores with other individuals.

❤️ Dancing with Eros ❤️

Inspired by Touch&Play, we present, Dancing with Eros, a monthly dance event, the second Saturday night of each month,  with the explicit intention of exploring our erotic energy in the dance. Let’s explore for ourselves and together in community what it means to dance with Eros. As a society, we have been acculturated to have shame about our sexual desires. In many dance communities in the country, we have struggled with issues of consent and sexuality in the dance spaces, so much so that many local dances seek to explicitly keep erotic energy separate from the dance.

This is an invitation to allow and follow our intimate and erotic energy, with consciousness and care, consent and healthy boundaries.

Erotic energy is creative energy. Let your creativity flow.

The focus of this event is to explore erotic energy through dance and movement. There will be a designated cuddle space. If your dance becomes slow and floor bound, consider moving to the cuddle zone. If you wish to bring your dance connection into a more explicitly sexual connection, consider making a date outside of the event!

September 8, 2018
Karuna Yoga
125 Main Street
Northampton, MA
Doors open at 8:00 pm, clear start time of 8:30 pm

$15 online
$20 at the door

❤️ FLOW ❤️

8:00 pm Doors open

8:30 pm Doors Close: Opening circle and context

9:15 pm Dance with Eros, with DJ Journey Weaver

11:15 pm Closing and Integration

❤️ Honoring the Container ❤️

  1. Arrive by 8:30 pm to be present for the setting of the sacred space.
  2. Please keep casual conversation outside of the dance space, but please do use your voice anytime, in order to set or clarify your boundaries or ask for what you want.
  3. This is a shame free zone. We are practicing shame resilience through artfully learning to honor our own boundaries and honor the desires of others, whether or not we choose to meet them.
  4. Explore consent, verbally and non-verbally. Be forgiving and truthful with yourself and others in the event of a consent accident. This is how we learn and grow.
  5. We have Safety Angels should you need support throughout the event.
  6. Allow yourself space from the digital world and simply Dance with Eros within and around.
  7. No exchange of bodily fluids on the dance floor.
  8. There will be a designated cuddle space.
  9. This is a body positive space. Reveal yourself to the extent that feels empowering and exciting AND keep your genitals covered.

❤️ Pricing Structure ❤️

$15 online
$20 at the door

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