Foxglove Flower Essence

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Brand: Earthly Ephemerals

Foxglove Flower Essence
Digitalis Purpurea

A protector of the tender heart. This essence can specifically support the heart during times of changes or struggles in romantic relationships. This can include fielding toxic or abusive patterns from a partner, the fear and anxiety of instability that inherently is in relationship or as it comes from opening our relationships to be polyamorous. Foxglove also supports our vulnerable heart during the transition of ending a relationship. Foxglove can support us to discern the nuance between protecting the vulnerable heart from attack and shielding the heart from feeling. When we take care of our tender heart, it allows higher truth to emerge, which supports us to show up in the integrity of love and trust, letting those principles guide our choices.

Digoxin, a heart medication derived from Digitalis slows down the heart to prevent heart attacks, but can quickly and easily build up to toxic and fatal levels. The beauty of the flower essence is that we get to take in the medicine without the toxicity. Its action is on the sympathetic nervous system, literally slowing the heart so with each breath and beat the lungs can take in more air and the heart more blood.

Made on June 11, 2020, my beloved son's 7th birthday, in the pouring rain, just like the day he was born.

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