Trout Lily Flower Essence

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Brand: Earthly Ephemerals

Trout Lily Flower Essence
Erithronium americanum

Trout lilies are subtle, yet abundant. In some places they create a blanket on the forest floor of their presence, yet the flowers seem like a rare delicacy. Yellow and tender. And just like that, they are gone, a true spring ephemeral, leaves, flowers and all, fleeting by nature. This essence invites us to harness the subtlety of our personal power. To remember that even when you cannot feel it, it still exists right under the surface waiting to emerge. The flower of trout lily emanates beauty and vulnerability and also bows her head in humility. We do not always need to be loud and forceful to claim our personal power. This essence serves when it would be more supportive to stand gently, softly, yet assuredly in our sovereignty. It also serves to calm ourselves or our children and restore an internal state of harmony.

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