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Not even a pandemic can keep Chaya from finding pathways to express her passion for finding healing and resilience in the pelvic bowl! She is overjoyed to share practices she has cultivated for many years now to support us to find balance in the pelvic floor. These practices offer support to all genders in all walks of life, including menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

Chaya Leia Aronson, RN BSN

Shake it, Baby: Bellydance in Pregnancy

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Bellydance is an ancient practice, that in its inception was made for women to support one another through all of the major landmarks that can be associated with womanhood, like menarche, pregnancy and menopause. Bellydance supports our hips and our pelvic bowls to open and release, a much needed skill in labor and delivery. When done with postural integrity, it also eases common body discomforts of pregnancy. My prayer for you is that it supports you in your pregnancy time. You are welcome to revisit postpartum as well. For now, Shake it, Baby!

Photograph taken by Megan E. Labonte

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