Winter Womb Care

A three-week series beginning Thursday evening, February 8th, 2024, (NOTE: This is a change from the original start date which would have been January 25th) to offer embodied womb wisdom and recipes to carry you through the cold season.

Chaya will share wisdom that supports us to care deeply for our womb spaces during the cold months. Keeping our wombs warm and nourished supports our overall health, wellness and vitality. 

What will you receive in Winter Womb Care:

  • Embodied practices to care for your womb
  • Self care abdominal massage guidance
  • Self care vaginal massage guidance
  • Yoni Steam guidance and ebook
  • Castor Oil pack instructions and indications
  • Multiple recipes featuring one of my favorite winter herbal remedies
  • Forever access to revisit this content.

Who is this for? 

  • This is for women who were born as biological women, with a womb and a vulva. I honor that some women / womb-bearing folks no longer have a womb due to hysterectomies. The information and practices in this course would still apply to you if this is your reality, and would in fact be deeply nourishing for you. 

Cost $222, with a $50 discount if you register by January 30th with the code WINTERLOVE