Your custom session

When you arrive for your initial session, please bring your completed health history intake form (you can download & print using the links below).

>> Female Health History Form

>> Male Health History Form

Upon arrival to your initial session we will look over and discuss your health history to identify your individualized needs and create the best strategies to support your healing journey. I blend the modalities listed below to customize your sessions in order to best serve you as an individual with your own unique needs. You may also book sessions specific to one modality if that is your preference. While most of my sessions are in-person, my Health and Sexuality Coaching is available in the form of distance sessions as well as in person sessions.

Your session may include:

The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage® balances the position of the uterus as well as the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and Ch’i. This relieves symptoms of congestion in the abdomen and pelvis which include difficult menstruation, chronic bladder issues, digestive imbalance, difficulty getting or staying pregnant.  The massage includes bodywork on the abdomen, lower back, sacrum and tailbone. All clients have the option to learn self-care abdominal massage to bring home as a regular supportive practice.  >> learn more

Holistic Pelvic Care™  is an approach that arises from deep listening to your body and uses gentle intervaginal massage techniques, combined with breathing techniques to support balancing the physical and energetic aspects of your pelvis. We also engage self inquiry practices to support women to understand the patterns of how we hold tension in our pelvic bowls. In all stages of a woman’s life, this work restores the pelvic bowl as the creative center of our bodies. >> learn more

Our relationships to our bodies, our diets and our sexuality are complex and often interwoven with the patterns of shame and disconnection to self. Together we will identify patterns in these areas and come up with strategies to make changes in these patterns that are supported and manageable. Our goal together is to create practices and mindsets that embrace you as a sensual being worthy of love, pleasure, health and vitality. >> learn more

Vaginal Steams, also known at V-steams or yoni steams, have been used for centuries in many different cultures to support health and wellness. A vaginal steam bath is relaxing practice of placing hot herb-infused water under your pelvis so the steam rises up into the vagina. The herbs chosen are specific to the nourishment of the vaginal tissue. A vaginal steam bath is a pleasant and meditative practice used to support healthy menstruation, alleviating symptoms of PMS, supporting easeful menopause, alleviating uncomfortable symptoms of peri- and post-menopause and supporting fertility. >> learn more

So much of how we feel and act in the world is an outgrowth of how we hold our posture and how we move our bodies. Drawing from over 20 years of yoga and dance experience, I offer movement and posture practice teachings for you realign yourself and enhance your healing. >> learn more

New clients benefit from my special 5 session package. Your five sessions will include:

All sessions 75 minutes
Valued at $762
Your cost $725

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Virtual clients benefit from a 3 session package. Your sessions will include: 

  • Health history intake
  • Health and Sexuality Coaching
  • Diet and Nutrition Coaching
  • Self-Care Abdominal Massage teaching
  • Self-Care Vaginal Massage teaching
  • Movement and Posture Play

All sessions 60 minutes
Individual Virtual Session - $150
Valued at $450
Your Cost $425

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You are always welcome to book individual sessions to meet your unique needs. 
In person sessions are 75 minutes
Virtual sessions are 60 minutes

Initial In Person Session $150
Includes thorough health history intake, counseling, Posture Play and bodywork

In Person Follow Up Session $130

Vaginal Steam add on $25

Vaginal Steam Session $45
This vaginal steam does not include bodywork, It does include a short intake and a vaginal steam with a nice cup of herbal infused tea. 

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Are you a returning client? Save money with my five session package for existing clients. 

Returning Customer Package, 5 sessions, 75 minutes
Valued at $650 
Your Cost $600 

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Pregnant and Postpartum women benefit greatly from care throughout this entire sacred process.
Your Perinatal Package will include:

  • 3 - 75 minute pregnancy sessions
  • 3 - 75 minute postpartum sessions, including vaginal steam baths
  • Castor Oil roll on

Valued at $855
Your Cost $795

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