Your Sacred Pelvis: Community Video Series

This video series is my gift to my community. It is bringing me joy to create these videos to support your health and comfort in your body during these trying times. As I believe these practices can support us through the best and worst of times, I will leave them here and available. I will post one every week!

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Vaginal Self Massage

Vaginal self massage can be such a potent practice to give you a powerful tool with which to engage mindfully with your own pelvic bowl.

Pleasure Practice

This is an invitation to commit to connecting to your own pleasure on a daily basis, while also redefining pleasure to being a consensual expression of what is alive and authentic in YOU!

Psoas Support

This is a 20 minute practice intended to offer support and opening to the psoas. Many of us operate under an assumption that we must always be making our muscles stronger. With the psoas, the pathway to strengthening is actually opening and releasing. I hope this practice will be useful to you!

Self Care Massage

This is an instructional video on how to perform self care abdominal massage. It is a great daily practice. Please email me for alternate instructions in pregnancy.

Posture Play

This video is intended to support healthy posture and alignment in your standing and walking body. The benefits are immeasurable in supporting healing from diastasis recti, chronic lower back, shoulder and neck pain and much more. Contact me for individually tailored support.