COVID Support and Resilience Protocol

covid protocol

Covid Support and Resilence Protocol

I have crafted this protocol to share with you all, as people seem to be continuing to get sick. Knowledge is power. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And preparation is everything. I purchased all the supplements I would want if my family got sick, so that if it happens, I do not have to do all the research and figuring, while we are sick. I am simply prepared.

I have also set up a way for my clients and friends to purchase supplements at a discount from Wellevate, the company I have been ordering from for years. In transparency:  I do make a very small profit, though my goal is ultimately to offer you a great discount on quality products that I have hand-picked, that I choose for myself and my family. Not only do I get my supplements here, but also toothpaste, body products (the ones I do not make myself), tulsi rose tea, protein powder and more. Reach out if you have any questions. 

Prophylactic Supplements

  • Vitamin D3, 2,000 IU or as determined you need through testing
  • Vitamin A, as retinol or retinyl palmitate, 10,000 IU
  • Vitamin K2, as a mix of MK-4 and MK-7, 200 mcg (e.g., Jarrow K-Right)
  • Vitamin E, 20 IU
  • Vitamin C, 1000 mg per day, 1000-3000 per day if sick
  • Zinc, 30 mg daily, do not take on an empty stomach
  • Fish oil or cod liver oil (Best Add-on): Supplying a total of 600 mg per day of the sum of EPA and DHA, preferably with at least 200 mg of each. I use Rosita brand cod liver oil (order online).
  • Probiotics, 70% of our immunity lives in our gut, and stress impacts our guts, and this has been a stressful time

If you contract COVID:

First, release any shame or stigma. This is highly projected upon us right now, that we must have done something wrong or outside of the rules. You simply breathed in air. Maybe in a grocery store or maybe, yes, unmasked inside with a beloved. After two years, this is not a shameful choice. Be gentle and kind with yourself.

Continue with above protocol and add: 

Black Seed Oil: 500 mg twice a day.

Melatonin: 9 or 10 mg a half hour before bed each night. (Melatonin helps sleep for some, and not others, if it doesn’t help you, don’t take it)

Quercetin phytosome: 1500 mg per day in three divided doses with meals.

Glutathione: helps with oxidative stress

Foods to have on hand

  • Raw milk - Great source of glutathione
  • Bone broth - Great to make it ahead of time and keep in the freezer, I will include a powdered form in the protocol to make it easy
  • Saturated fat from butter, ghee and coconut oil
  • Garlic

Herbal support 

White Pine Needle Tea 

Affinity to supporting upper respiratory tract, high in vitamin C and contains suramin with helps clear the spike protein from both the virus and vaccine from our systems. White pine is everywhere in New England, and you can discern white pine because the needles are in clusters of five if you look closely. 

Elderberry syrup 1 tsp twice daily

Additional Tea Herbs: 

Demulcent - Marshmallow Root or slipper elm (slippery elm is endangered and marshmallow is abundant, so i generally go with Marshmallow root

Expectorant herbs - Mullein and Elecampane

Antivirals and lung openers - Thyme, sage, oregano, basil, tulsi

Choose which ones call to you and make a blend to have on hand! 

Other Things to Have on Hand

  • Chest rub 
  • Pulse oximeter - This tracks your blood oxygen level, if it dips below 90 you may need to seek medical care. These are easy to purchase online for $20 - $30. 
  • Thermometer

*This is not a substitute for medical care. Should you struggle with breathing or find your blood oxygen level dips too low, seek medical care. This is meant to be supportive and complementary.

About Chaya Aronson

Chaya Leia Aronson, RN BSN is a bodyworker, health and sexuality coach, dancer, lover and mother. Chaya believes that we source our creative, life force expression through our pelvic bowls and if the energy is blocked here, it greatly affects our capacity to be our full authentic selves in the world. Her passion is to support pelvic and abdominal health and healing. The main forms of bodywork she practices are the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Holistic Pelvic Care™. Bellydance, contact improvisation and yoga have been the central core of her spiritual and physical practice for over 20 years. She weaves the knowledge she’s gained about movement patterns and body structure with her playful and intuitive spirit to support her clients in actively healing their own bodies and spirits.